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Creating a safe environment for children

If you are involved in running or setting up a voluntary group that works with children, it is helpful to have good policies and procedures in place and to make sure all your volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to protecting children. It is also helpful to review these from time to ensure they give current advice. We can email you word templates to give you a starting point for either developing or reviewing the child protection policy for your organisation.  You need to:

  • Agree a code of conduct for those who work/volunteer with children and young people that clearly states behaviour which is acceptable and unacceptable and give copies of these to all your staff and volunteers.
  • Make sure everyone involved in the group including parents know who to speak to and what to do if they are concerned about a child or the conduct of a staff member/volunteer. Give them information on how they can comment or complain.
  • Find out who your local social work and police contacts are - you will find this in contact us.
  • Make sure everyone who works or volunteers with children and young people has been safely recruited and receives adequate support and supervision.
  • Make sure you have a procedure in place for dealing with concerns about the conduct of staff or volunteers - i.e. disciplinary procedures. This could be a concern abut poor practice, bullying or child abuse.
  • Make sure that safeguards are in place when taking children and young people away from home and when using photographs and images.
  • Make sure you monitor and review all your policies and procedures.