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What happens next - when abuse is reported

What is the child protection register?

This is a list of all the children and young people in South Lanarkshire who are felt to be at risk of harm.

It is a private list kept by the Social Work Department.  The information on the register is only given to people like teachers, school nurses, police family doctor who might be concerned about you and your family.

What is the Register for?

If your name is on the child protection register then it means that we think you need extra help and protection and people like social workers, teachers and others who know you will be working together to make sure you are looked after properly.

Because your name is on the register then there will be meetings specially to discuss your safety and well being and a plan will be made – called a child protection plan  - so that everyone involved will know what they have to do to keep you safe and well.  Workers will talk to you about the plan and you will be asked what you think about it. Your opinion is important. If you are old enough to understand then you will be able to read what has been agreed.

If there is anything you do not understand about child protection meetings or the child protection register please ask any of the workers involved with you and they will try to answer your questions.