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Concerns about your child

What happens when concerns are reported

If you have contacted police or social work about your children's safety, or if someone else has contacted them, police and social work deal with child protection referrals in a very careful and sensitive way.

It's likely they will want to speak to you and the children and other people you are in regular touch with such as your child's teacher or nursery worker.

What you and other people say will be written down to make sure that everyone is clear about what's been said.  What you and your children have to say is very important.

After listening to everyone, if social work and police believe your children are safe and not at risk of harm,  there might be no need for further contact with them.

Or they might find that while there are no child protection issues, your family needs more support to deal with certain difficulties and this can be arranged. For example, parents might need help with welfare benefit applications or debts, or they may need support to deal with alcohol or drug misuse. Sometimes a meeting called a Case Discussion can be arranged to make sure you and your family get the help you need.

If there are still worries that your children are not safe or being properly looked after, a meeting called an Initial Child Protection Conference will be held.  You and your children can attend this and plans can be made at this meeting setting out what should be done to ensure the children's safety.

If there is anything you do not understand about child protection meetings or the child protection register please ask any of the workers involved with you and they will try to answer your questions.