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Concerns about your child

Domestic abuse - advice for parents

Domestic abuse causes children serious harm, even if they are not being physically hurt.

Although you might want to shelter your children by pretending nothing is wrong - this can only make things worse for them.

If you are being assaulted, emotionally or sexually abused by a partner, there is help available here in South Lanarkshire.  By seeking help, you are not only dealing with your own situation - but helping your children too.

It is important that those living with domestic abuse do not feel alone. There are many agencies that can help and offer support.

You can contact Women's Aid South Lanarkshire (WASL) or phone 01698 891498 or 01355 249897. 

There is also a programme called Cedar that will work with you and your children to recover from the effects of domestic abuse.

For information on Women's Aid for Asian, black and ethnic minority women/children contact Hemat Gryffe Women's Aid.

Domestic abuse can also affect men and those in same sex relationships. If you are not sure what to do then there is help available. You can contact the Men's Advice Line and talk it over or visit the LGBT domestic abuse website.

You can also contact the Domestic Abuse Helpline (24 hours) on 0800 027 1234.