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Shocking attitudes towards 'sexting'

Published: Friday, 24 May 2013

An NSPCC study of children, young people and sexting, puts sexting into the context of young people's day to day experience.

You can link to this research on sexting which also contains a very useful critique of much of the literature on sexualisation. Rather than sexting itself being revealed as a significant problem in its own right it shows sexting as just one manifestation of widespread sexual harassment - indeed criminal behaviour - which takes place on a daily basis.

The attitudes expressed by many of the young men in the study are quite shocking as is the resigned acceptance of the situation by their victims and the strong restraints on reporting the experience to anyone in authority.  It is particularly concerning that such a strong sub-culture can exist apparently without the knowledge of the adult world.

Although this is an in-depth study, it only covers young people in two London schools.  But parents and employees who work with young people have to be alert to the adverse impact sexting could have on our own young people.