This video shows the meerkats at the South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Children's Zoo, at Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

Cast: SL Leisure and Culture

Tags: meerkats and calderglen

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Nothing Up My Sleeve

21 Feb 2016

Nothing Up My Sleeve 21 Feb 2016 1:00pm £5.00 East Kilbride Arts Centre

Nothing up my sleeve

Douglas Cameron presents his latest magical wonders for all the family in this fun, interactive show. Despite making things vanish and appear, he is able to do this with 'nothing up his sleeves'.

As always he will need some assistance from his audience to share in the fun that ensues during the course of this magic filled performance.

Laughs and amazement guaranteed.

Suitable for ages 3 to 10.

Bookings can be made online or by calling East Kilbride Arts Centre on 01355 261000 (Mon-Sun 9:00am-8:45pm)

Time: 13:00 -

Location: East Kilbride Arts Centre

Cost: £5.00

Happening Today, 14 Feb 2016
Annual Photography Competition Exhibition

Location: Chatelherault Country Park

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Cost: Free admission

Annual Photography Competition Exhibition 30 Jan - 6 Mar 2016 10:00am-5:00pm Free admission Chatelherault Country Park

Photo competition exhibition

All the entries for the recent 2015 South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Photography Exhibition are on show in the Cadzow Gallery at Chatelherault every day, 10am-5pm from 30th January until 6th March.

There are some excellent photographs for you to see and all taken in South Lanarkshire!

Come along and spend a while among the landscapes and people of the towns and country, and have a glimpse of nature through the lenses of local photographers.

Kim Simpson - Girls and their Mothers Exhibition

Location: East Kilbride Arts Centre

Time: 10:00 - 20:00

Cost: Free admission

Kim Simpson - Girls and their Mothers Exhibition 4 - 28 Feb 2016 10:00am - 8:00pm Free admission East Kilbride Arts Centre

Kim Simpson - Girls and their Mothers Exhibition

'Girls and their Mothers' is a collection of photographic portraits featuring girls of mixed race and their mothers who reside in Scotland.

This exhibition includes portraits of sixteen different families who live across central Scotland. The images were created by photographer Kim Simpson who photographed these portraits throughout Spring 2015 in East Kilbride, where she resides with her daughter, who is also of mixed race. I has often been assumed that Kim's daughter is not Scottish, and more often that they are not related due to their visual differences. Kim wanted to explore this societal issue by meeting and photographing people who live in towns and cities across the central belt and across generations, to discuss similarities or differences in experiences. These families, like her own, are just the same as yours.

Instead of questioning their ancestry or scrutinising their appearance, Kim chose to photograph girls and women of mixed race along with their mothers with an intent to question social perception of skin deep differences, and look at the often complex identity of multiracial individuals. These images display their relationships, connecting these girls and their mothers together while at the same time respecting their disparity.

These closely framed portraits afford a close up and personal confrontation of how strong Scottish iconology plays a part in influencing societal ideas of what is considered the norm.

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