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Across South Lanarkshire there are a number of bowling greens which are operated by local clubs. These clubs offer a pay to play facility if you only fancy a casual game of bowls.

Resident bowling clubs will be more than happy to accommodate everyone from first time bowlers to players returning to the game of bowls.
Visitors and New Members welcome.

Bowling Facilities managed by South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture.

Facility Area No of greens Equipment hire available Tel No
Hamilton Palace sports Grounds  Hamilton  2 x lawn/ 1 x synthetic  Yes 01698 424101
Lanark Thistle BC  Lanark  1 x lawn  No 01555 665137
Carnwath BC  Carnwath  1 x lawn  No 01555 840986
Forth BC  Forth  1 x lawn  No No club telephone
Carstairs BC  Carstairs  1 x lawn  No No club telephone
Abington BC  Abington  1 x lawn  No No club telephone
Tarbrax BC  Tarbrax  1 x lawn  No No club telephone
Red Deer BC  E. Kilbride  2 x lawn  No 01355 220460
Brancumhall BC  E. Kilbride  2 x lawn  Yes 01355 224668
Murray BC  E. Kilbride  2 x lawn  No 01355 221636
Strathaven BC  Strathaven  2 x lawn  Yes 01357 521995