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Swim Skills 4

Level 4 - advanced swimming lessons at South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture

Entry Criteria


  • Swim 50m on front as defined in curriculum (level 3)
  • Swim 50m on back as defined in curriculum (level 3)
  • Breaststroke technique as defined in curriculum (level 3)
  • Dolphin movements
  • Beginner diving
  • Retrieve object from pool floor (minimum depth 1.2m)


  • Be part of a class
  • Swim in deep water
  • Participate without adult or 1 - 1 assistance being required
  • Able to perform a basic piece of work on their own
  • Able to make small refinements to technique


To improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi aquatic skills/disciplines and basic lifesaving skills.


  • To demonstrate competent technique in all four strokes
  • Introduce lifesaving skills and basic aquatic discipline skills
  • To provide basic skills to enable progression in all aquatic disciplines, including life saving

Content Areas  (Core aquatic skill area in bold)

  • Streamlining – ensure that it is evident within all areas of aquatic skills
    a. Starts – push off the wall and diving
    b. Turns – streamline in/streamline out
    c. Stroke technique – maintain streamlining for efficiency and to reduce resistance
  • Propulsion – demonstrate competent technique in all four strokes
    a. Show competency and efficiency over increasing distance
    b. Balanced, controlled and alternating arm and leg action (Frontcrawl and Backcrawl)
    c. Progress competency, efficiency and timing in Butterfly and Breaststroke
  • Aquatic Breathing
    a. Maintain bi-lateral breathing in Frontcrawl between 25 metres and 50 metres
    b. Demonstrate breathing in as one arm recovers and breathing out as the other arm recovers in Backcrawl
  • Rotation – rotate competently around horizontal axis
    a. Somersault forward and backwards
  • Sculling – scull prone and supine with different arm and hand positions for support and travel
    a. Head first, feet first and stationary sculling
    b. Perform a movement sequence of all three
    c. Transition between head first and feet first sculling while moving
  • Treading Water – use scissor, Breaststroke or eggbeater
    a. Ability to stay vertical with the head clear of the water
    b. Using continuous kicking and sculling action to maintain vertical position
    c. Ability to move in any direction
  • Taster Activities
    a. Play a mini polo game
    b. Introduce Synchronised Swimming skills
    c. Introduce Diving skills
    d. Water safety skills
    e. Swim racing skills

Exit Criteria Swim Skills 4

  • Swim minimum 50 metres of Frontcrawl demonstrating push and glide, competent technique with bi-lateral breathing, high elbow and reach and pull
  • Swim minimum 50 metres of Backcrawl demonstrating push and glide, good technique, steady head position with rolling of the shoulders round the long axis
  • Swim minimum 50 metres of Breaststroke demonstrating push and glide, good technique and basic undulation
  • Swim minimum 15 metres of Butterfly demonstrating push and glide, competent technique and basic undulation
  • Perform a dive with transition to any stroke
  • Perform a straddle jump and tread water for 45 seconds

Swim Officers contact details:

To book a place on one of our swimming courses or for further details, please contact the Swim Officer at the facility you wish to use