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Jimmy Gibb Wood Carvings

Jimmy Gibb Wood Carvings

Jimmy Gibb lived at his childhood home at 52 Miller St, Hamilton until his death in 1980. With his brother, John he owned a joinery firm in Hamilton.

His main interests were outside his business and were deep and varied. He was what is called a “Renaissance man”: that is, skilled and knowledgeable in both the arts and sciences.

During the Great War Jimmy and his brother, John operated an illegal radio ham station from their house in a secret room concealed behind a fitted bookcase. The brothers built a full-sized aircraft in the 1930s. Jimmy also collected, cut and polished semi-precious stones. He would carry a selection in his pocket and produce them during a conversation. He was a regular and welcome visitor to the museum.

He carved wood artistically and you can see some examples of his detailed and skilful work here.