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There will be heavy traffic during the Commonwealth Games. We advise you plan ahead and consider using public transport. Full story.

Contacting us

Online 24 hours

It is quicker and easier to contact us online.

Frequently used services and contact numbers:

Charges for calling 0303 numbers are the same as for calls made to standard UK landline phone numbers starting 01 or 02. Calls to 03 numbers are also included in bundled minutes and unlimited call packages in exactly the same way as regular landline numbers are. Numbers starting with 030 are reserved specifically for government, charity and other not-for-profits.

  • Benefits and Council Tax

    Use our online Housing benefit and council tax benefit calculator or call the Enquiry line - 0303 123 1011

  • Housing

    Report a repair online or contact Housing repairs - 0303 123 1010
    Out-of-hours emergency repairs - 0800 242024.
    Housing - 0303 123 1012

  • Payments

    Use our secure online payments service or phone the payments call centre on 0303 123 1005.

  • Planning and building standards

    Contact your local Planning and building standards office or call Planning and building standards Headquarters on 0303 123 1015.

  • Refuse collection, Grounds maintenance and Street cleaning

    Complete a bulk uplift online form or report litter or graffiti online or call 0303 123 1020.

  • Roads and lighting faults

    Report roads faults or Report lighting faults online or during office hours call 0303 123 1015 , after office hours call 0800 24 20 24.

  • Scottish Welfare Fund Crisis and Community Care grants

    Phone 0303 123 1007 (from 1st April 2013)

  • Social work

    You can complete a social work service enquiry form online or call 0303 123 1008.

    If you prefer to speak to someone in person call in at your local social work office.

  • South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Ltd

    Visit the SLLC website or contact South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture direct on 01698 476262

  • Contacting councillors or employees

    Find councillor contact information online, but if you know who you need to speak to but don't know their direct phone number call 0303 123 1015.

  • Enquiries, comments and complaints

    Online, complete a customer service enquiry or comments and complaints form.

    • Phone Customer Services on 0303 123 1015
    • If you are hard of hearing you can use minicom on 0303 123 1017 - ordinary calls should be made to the general enquiry line above.
    • Customer services staff are available Monday to Friday from 8.45am-4.45pm.
    • If you prefer to speak to someone in person - call in at your localQ and A office. Q and A offices are open Monday to Friday from 8.45am-4.45pm and on Wednesdays 11am-4.45pm.
  • Website enquiries

If you have any problems with our website's performance or can't finding what you are looking for email