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Annual Gypsy Traveller site event in Larkhall 2014

Annual Gypsy Traveller site event in Larkhall 2014 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationAnnual Gypsy Traveller site event in Larkhall 2014
Consultation summaryAn event at the Gypsy/Travelers site in Larkhall to discuss issues with residents and obtain views
BackgroundAgreed with gypsy/travelers from the Larkhall site that an event would be held annually
Why are we consulting?To ensure that residents from the site have opportunities to provide their views and discuss any issues on a collective and individual basis
Who are we consultingGypsies/travelers
How will findings be used?To improve the service
What we found outIn general site residents were happly with the service.
Start date18/11/2014
End date31/12/2014
Results available28/02/2015
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodUser group
SubjectHousing and homeless
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameAileen Muir
Contact phone01698 454121
Contact email