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Library Service Customer Satisfaction Survey

Library Service Customer Satisfaction Survey | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationLibrary Service Customer Satisfaction Survey
Consultation summaryConsultation with users of the Library Service
Why are we consulting?To evaluate and improve the provision of library services throughout South Lanarkshire. Results of the surveys are linked to the Council's Customer Satisfaction Scorecard for detailed results on customer satisfaction issues.
How will findings be used?To improve upon the services provided at libraries throughout South Lanarkshire
What we found outOngoing - interim results: Overall satisfaction for Quarter 3 of 2014 - 2015 indicated that 100% of respondents rated the overall service customers recieved as either Excellent or Good (based on 394 respondents)
Start date01/04/2010
End date31/03/2018
Results available01/05/2018
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodPostal Survey
Council themeMaking best use of resources
Contact nameLibrary Service
Contact phone0141 613 5381
Contact email
Online survey