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New Tenant Satisfaction Survey

New Tenant Satisfaction Survey | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationNew Tenant Satisfaction Survey
Consultation summaryFeedback from new tenants on the service they received when allocated a council house
Why are we consulting?To obtain the views of new tenants regarding their experiences of the service regarding the local office, condition of the house and garden and the advice they received
How will findings be used?To improve service delivery
What we found outThis consultation exercise is still underway. Interim results show that for 2012 - 13 81.2% of all respondents (288) satisfied with the service overall.
Start date01/01/2008
End date31/12/2018
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodFace-to-face survey
SubjectHousing and homeless
Contact nameAileen Muir
Contact phone01698 452630
Contact fax01698 455616
Contact email