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Traffic Regulation Orders - Consultation Processes

Traffic Regulation Orders - Consultation Processes | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationTraffic Regulation Orders - Consultation Processes
Consultation summaryA Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) places a restriction on vehicle movement and speed limits. It specifies areas and times where vehicles can or cannot park and where a vehicle can or cannot load or unload. It also determines if there are to be no left or right turns at junctions, waiting restrictions and one-way streets.
When a new TRO is proposed, we place a notice in the local papers and on the Council Website. Notices are also attached to lampposts and signposts in the area the TRO covers. These give a brief outline of the proposals and where the details can be viewed locally.

If you want to object or just make a comment on proposals, you should write to the Head of Roads and Transportation at Montrose House, 154 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton ML3 6LB. You can also write directly to the Roads and transportation team at the same address or by email to
Why are we consulting?Before a TRO can be put in place a full statutory process has to be carried out that can take anything from six months to two years to complete.
How will findings be used?They are used to improve road safety or to ensure that there is a balance in the usage of the available road for parking, servicing, residents, shoppers and people who commute to work in an area.
What we found outFor information on a particular order, please contact
Start date01/04/2008
End date31/12/2019
Consultation typeQualitative and Quantitative
Consultation methodConsultation document
SubjectRoads and traffic
Contact nameRoads and Transport
Contact phone01698 453637
Contact fax01698 454650
Contact email
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