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Citizenship Ceremonies - Customer Satisfaction surveys

Citizenship Ceremonies - Customer Satisfaction surveys | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationCitizenship Ceremonies - Customer Satisfaction surveys
Consultation summaryPeople aged 18 and over who are accepted for naturalisation as British citizens, are required by law to take part in a citizenship ceremony arranged by our Registrars. The aim of the citizenship ceremony is for applicants to gain a full understanding of the rights and responsibilities that come with British Citizenship and also to ensure that they are properly welcomed into the British family.
BackgroundCustomers who have attended a citizenship ceremony are requested to complete a survey to evaluate the processes involved in applying to attend, and their experience of attending the ceremony.
Why are we consulting?To measure customer satisfaction with our service.
Who are we consultingService users
How will findings be used?To monitor and amend the processes in place for customers wishing to attend citizenship ceremonies
What we found outInterim results show that 100% of respondents rated the service they had received positively.
Start date01/03/2013
End date30/04/2018
Results availableOngoing surveying - interim results will be provided
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodPostal Survey
SubjectEthnic minorities
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameMoira Cooper
Contact phone01698 455916
Contact email