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Bothwell Road Park

Bothwell Road Park | South Lanarkshire Council
Park nameBothwell Road Park
AddressBothwell Road
Phone0303 123 1020
DescriptionVisitors can enjoy around 150,000 square metres of grassed open spaces with a wild flower field. There is an extensive network of paths. The park has a large play area suitable for toddlers and juniors. One of the town's secondary schools is housed within the park area. Hamilton's Cenotaph is also located within the park grounds. The Newberry Rooney day care centre is accessed through the park. The Pitz Super Soccer also has a presence here.
FacilitiesThe large open space with its pathways is ideal for leisure activities where a wild flower meadow can be enjoyed in the summer months. A play area has been built to accommodate both toddlers and juniors alike, where children can learn basic fundamental skills. A stand alone outdoor gym is also available for use. The town Cenotaph has its place within the parks grounds. A traditional bandstand is also on the park grounds.
Disabled accessThe park has an extensive flat path network with access for those with mobility issues.