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Cultural and community services performance

Cultural and community services performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportCultural and community services performance
What is this?The council has an important role to play in promoting the health, wellbeing, and learning environment of the population of South Lanarkshire. This is achieved through the provision of community learning and recreational activities within our museums, libraries and arts centres through the promotion of healthier lifestyles via our sports and leisure centres. These services are delivered by South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture
Link to reportCultural and community services performance
What this performance report covers/includesAttendance at pools
Attendance at other indoor sports and leisure facilities
Cost per attendance at sports and leisure facilities
Satisfaction with sports and leisure services
Outdoor recreation and country parks
Attendance at outdoor recreation and country parks
Number of library visits
Cost per library visit
Satisfaction with libraries
Museums services
Number of visits to museums
Cost per museum visit
Cultural services
Attendances at cultural venues
Customer consultation
Excellence in customer services
Further informationSouth Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture SLLC