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Planning (environmental development) performance

Planning (environmental development) performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportPlanning (environmental development) performance
What is this?The future development of the South Lanarkshire area is a key responsibility for the council. We ensure that development takes place in the right place, at the appropriate time, in a sustainable way and in the best interest of the public. The health, safety and welfare of people in and around these new or existing developments is also vital
Link to reportPlanning (environmental development) performance report
What this performance report covers/includesSupply of available land for housing development
Number of housing units approved
Supply of available land for employment
Take up of land for employment
Planning applications approved as a percentage of total planning applications received
Planning applications - decision making timescales
Major developments - average number of weeks to decision
Householder developments - average number of weeks to decision
Local developments (non householder) - average number of weeks to decision
Enforcement action
Number of breaches of planning legislation identified / resolved
Building warrants - response times
Percentage of requests for building warrants responded to within 15 days
Certificate completions - response times
Percentage of requests for completion certificates responded to within 3 working days
Percentage of residents satisfied with processing of planning applications and building warrants
Percentage satisfaction with the planning service
Percentage satisfaction with the building standards service
Planning and building standards consultation
Areas for improvement - Planning
Further informationPlanning Authority Performance
Planning Performance Framework
Resource and ServiceCommunity and Enterprise Resources - Planning and Building Standards