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Protective Services performance

Protective Services performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportProtective Services performance
What is this?South Lanarkshire Council has a statutory responsibility to protect public health and the environment. It does this through the work of its Environmental Health service, which undertakes proactive inspection programmes and investigates complaints. Key areas of responsibility include: food safety, health and safety at work, air quality, litter deterrence, and nuisance investigation, such as noise pollution and pest control. The council also looks after the wider environment through its street cleaning service and grounds maintenance service, maintaining parks, play areas and cemeteries, and through its flood prevention work
Link to reportProtective Services performance report
What this performance report covers/includesFood safety
Food standards
Percentage of compliant food premises
Number of cases of notified food borne infection
Pest control
Percentage of pest control visits made within 2 working days
Environmental crime
Percentage of fly tipping complaints responded to within 2 working days
Percentage of dog fouling complaints responded to within 2 working days
Domestic noise - average time between time of complaint and attendance on site
Percentage of consumer complaints dealt with within 14 days
Percentage of business advice given within 21 days of receipt
Percentage of planned trading standards inspections undertaken on time
Cost of environmental health and trading standards
Percentage of residents satisfied with consumer and trading standards
Street cleanliness
Percentage of streets achieving Keep Scotland Beautiful Standards A and B
Net cost of street cleaning
Grounds maintenance score
Percentage satisfaction with the care of gardens scheme
Cost of parks and open spaces
Percentage of adults satisfied with parks and open spaces
Flood risk management
Further informationFood safety complaints
Food Standards
Pest Control
Report fly tipping
Anti social behavioiur
Trading Standards
Consumer advice
Street care and cleaning
Flooding advice and support
Resource and ServiceCommunity and Enterprise Resources, Environmental Services