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Roads and lighting performance

Roads and lighting performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportRoads and lighting performance
What is this?A high quality and well maintained road network matters to everyone in South Lanarkshire. The road network and good public transport is therefore critical to our economic success and to the well being of our communities and is a council priority.
Link to reportRoads and lighting performance report
What this performance report covers/includesPercentage of all roads that should be considered for maintenance treatment
Percentage of road network resurfaced
Cost of roads maintenance per kilometre
Percentage of traffic light repairs completed within 48 hours
Number of lighting columns improved / renewed
Road safety
Number of people killed / seriously injured on roads
Flood risk management
Percentage of residents satisfied with the maintenance of roads and pavements
Percentage of residents satisfied with the provision and maintenance of street lighting
Roads and lighting consultation
Further informationRoads and Transportation Services
Roads in winter
Road safety services
Flooding advice and support
Resource and ServiceCommunity and Enterprise Resources, Roads and Transportation Services