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Sustainable development performance

Sustainable development performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportSustainable development performance
What is this?We must take action to reduce our own emissions, for example from energy use in buildings, fleet operations and from goods and services consumed. We can contribute to Scotland’s transformation to a future low carbon economy through policies and regulatory powers in areas such as waste management, housing strategy, development planning, local transport planning, countryside management, air quality and environmental protection
Link to reportSustainable development performance report
What this performance report covers/includesGreenhouse gas emissions
Percentage reduction in energy consumption
Percentage of waste that is recycled and composted
Percentage reduction in transport emissions
Climate change customer satisfaction
Sustainable education
Eco schools programme
Sustainable development consultation
Sate of the Environment
Further informationThe State of the South Lanarkshire's Environment 2015
Resource and ServiceCommunity and Enterprise Resources, Support Services