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Responsiveness to communities performance

Responsiveness to communities performance | South Lanarkshire Council
ReportResponsiveness to communities performance
What is this?Performance indicators, surveys and complaints alone tell only half of the story about the council’s responsiveness to its communities. In terms of communicating what we are doing, the council produces many magazines, newsletters, press releases, reports, plans, policies and information leaflets throughout the year, as well as on the website.
Link to reportResponsiveness to communities performance report
What this performance report covers/includesSatisfaction with general service delivered
Mystery shopper visits
Customer satisfaction with key council services
Areas for improvement
Freedom of information requests
The number of people supported by employability programmes
The percentage of unemployed people assisted into work from council funded / operated employability programmes
Businesses assisted with grants, loans or property advice
Value of sales generated by businesses assisted by the council
Number of jobs created or sustained as a result of council intervention
Customer Services
Further informationConsultation database
Resource and ServiceFinance and Corporate Resources