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Seniors Together - Forever Active consultation 2012/13

Seniors Together - Forever Active consultation 2012/13 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationSeniors Together - Forever Active consultation 2012/13
Consultation summarySouth Lanarkshire Council's Seniors Together team specialise in highlighting services and activities for South Lanarkshire residents who are aged 50 years or over.
BackgroundThe Seniors together team are keen to find out what activities and services older people in the area engage with at the moment, and what you might want to be involved with in the future
Why are we consulting?The responses you give will help the Seniors Together team identify current trends of involvement, and will help towards planning future activites or events.
Who are we consultingOlder people
How will findings be used?To help towards planning future activites or events.
What we found outWork, Learning and Activities - Almost half of the respondents do either paid or voluntary work. 60% of respondents take part in learning opportunities. The reasons why the remainder do not are unclear and could be investigated further. A significant portion of respondents were unclear about the types of learning opportunities that are available. Landline telephones and mobile phones are the most used communication methods and social media is the least. Leisure groups and walking are the most attended groups and activities. Approximately half of the respondents have an active age card and approximately half do not. Health, Living and Independence - The bus is the most used mode of transport closely followed by personal car. The majority of respondents use a concessionary travel card. A variety of support services are utilised. Results were split half between those who would know who to contact if they needed support services and approximately half who don’t. Further investigation could be done into they levels of awareness for different types of services.
Start date01/12/2012
End date21/02/2013
Results available01/05/2013
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectOlder people
Council themeMaking best use of resources
Contact nameChristine Calder
Contact phone01698 454104
Contact email