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Crawfordjohn Primary consultation 2013

Crawfordjohn Primary consultation 2013 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationCrawfordjohn Primary consultation 2013
Consultation summaryThe proposal to discontinue Crawfordjohn Primary School and rezone the current catchment area to Abington Primary School was open to statutory public consultation from 10 May 2013 to 28 June 2013.
Why are we consulting?The Consultation Report is now available. This has been produced after a review of all written representations received during the consultation period, oral representations made during a public meeting, and the contents of the report received from Education Scotland (formerly HMIe).
Who are we consultingAll residents
How will findings be used?Report to Committee, November 2013. Recommended to discontinue Crawfordjohn Primary School and rezone the catchment area to Abington Primary School.
What we found outSee report
Start date01/06/2013
End date30/09/2013
Results available04/10/2013
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodConsultation document
SubjectEducation and learning
Council themeMaking best use of resources
Contact nameLisa Kirkwood - Primary Schools Modernisation Coordinator
Contact phone01698 452129
Contact fax01698 200795
Contact email
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