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Masterclass in judo for day two

Masterclass in judo for day two

George Kerr (74) is taking today's masterclass with TL head judo coach Andrew Malone.

A double Olympic gold medallist, George is one of 12 tenth dans in the world and is one of only five outside Asia. Another tenth dan from a non-Asian country isn't expected to emerge for around another 30 years. The judo volunteers are all in awe of George and hope to catch a word with him when the masterclass finishes late this afternoon.

George was this morning introduced to the TL judo squad who claimed seven medals during yesterday's competition. He is currently putting all of yesterday's teams through their paces and is stressing the importance of space in judo - the most important weapon in the sport. 

The judo competition was completed yesterday.  Here are the judo results.


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