Welcome to Improve, the Council's statistical information pages.

South Lanarkshire is home to just over 311,000 people and is one of the largest and most diverse areas of Scotland.  The Council covers 180,000 hectares of land stretching from a few miles from the city centre of Glasgow to close to the Scottish Border.

There are four towns in South Lanarkshire with a population over 20,000 (East Kilbride, Hamilton, Rutherglen and Cambuslang) and a further 23 towns and settlements with a population over 1,000. 

Official statistics on these and other areas within South Lanarkshire is available on a wide range of topics - from health to crime, access to services to employment. 

The Council also publishes reports on statistical trends within South Lanarkshire, focusing on topics such as health, population, the local economy and the environment.

On this website you can explore our Facts and Figures pages. These provide a wide range of key statistics about South Lanarkshire, covering population, employment, deprivation, health and the environment.