About us

What is Improve?

Improve is our system for managing and reporting performance.  Improve reports the Council's performance against its main targets and commitments and it also reports aspects of community planning performance.

Improve is used in all Council resources, enabling us to track progress against our key commitments and service priorities - as set out in resource plans and in the Council Plan, Connect. It also allows the different areas within the Council to develop the performance culture within day-to-day service areas, helping make service more effective and more efficient.

Improve is used to report against the Community Planning single outcome agreement, showing the latest trends against local indicators together with the actions or interventions that partners have undertaken to achieve improvements.  

Improve is more than just the information contained within the system.  Improve is a way of working, which emphasises the importance of making information available and easy to understand.  Improve allows us to gather evidence about the difference our services make to the people of South Lanarkshire.

The Improve system uses software from Rocket CorVu.