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Damaged and new bins

Household waste bin (black/green)

If your black bin is damaged you should phone 0303 123 1020.

Larger bins for non-recyclable waste (360 litre black bin) may be provided in circumstances where there are at least five people living permanently at a property and residents can demonstrate full participation in our kerbside recycling schemes.

To request a larger non-recyclable bin you should phone Waste Services on 0303 123 1020. Once we have received your request we will carry out a waste audit before making a decision. Please note that if the number of permanent residents falls below five people or if you can no longer demonstrate that you are making full use of your recycling bins, the council will replace your larger non-recyclable bin for a standard bin with a maximum capacity of 240 litres.

If you are a council tenant and need a new non-recycling black/green bin you should contact your local area housing office. If you are not a council tenant please phone Waste Services on 0303 123 1020.

Bin prices and timescales

Standard 240 litre domestic waste bins (black/green) cost £58.15 including VAT.

Bins are normally supplied within 10 working days, subject to stock availability.