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Bin collections

Blue bin - paper and card

Adverse weather

To help with the backlog of missed bins due to the weather we will now collect bins as follows:

East Kilbride, Rutherglen and Cambuslang
Burgundy bins and light grey bin collections will take place as scheduled on week beginning Monday 12 March.
Blue bins that were not emptied the week before will now be emptied on their next scheduled collection date.

If you can you should:

  • flatten cardboard boxes to make extra  space in your blue bin
  • keep excess paper and cardboard indoors until your blue bin is emptied. Wet paper and cardboard can’t be recycled

If you can, you should take excess waste to the your nearest recycling centre.

Please don’t leave black bags of recycling next your recycling bin for collection. Black bags can’t be recycled and will contaminate the load in the bin lorry.


The following items can be put in your blue recycling bin:

  • paper such as newspapers, magazines, catalogues, envelopes, leaflets and telephone directories (including yellow pages), junk mail, office paper, wrapping paper
  • cardboard such as clean packaging (food and non-food cartons), greetings cards and books

Do not put plastic bags in your recycling bins.

Do not put Tetrapak cartons and other foil lined cartons in your recycling bin - our current contractor does not accept them

We recommend you put your house number on your wheelie bins.