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will be unavailable on Sunday 18 March due to essential maintenance

Bin collections

Missed bins

Adverse weather

To help with the backlog of missed bins due to the weather we will now collect bins as follows:

Hamilton and Clydesdale
If your black/green bin wasn’t collected last week you should put it out with your light grey bin on your normal collection day this week. This is only for collections on Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 March.
Burgundy food and garden waste bins will not be collected this week. You should put these out on their next scheduled collection day.

East Kilbride, Rutherglen and Cambuslang
Black/green bins will be emptied as scheduled this week. Burgundy bins and light grey bin collections will take place as scheduled on week beginning Monday 12 March.
Blue bins that were not emptied last week will now be emptied on their next scheduled collection date.

If you can you should:

  • flatten cardboard boxes to make extra  space in your blue bin
  • keep excess paper and cardboard indoors until your blue bin is emptied. Wet paper and cardboard can’t be recycled

If you can, you should take excess waste to the your nearest recycling centre.

Please don’t leave black bags of recycling next your recycling bin for collection. Black bags can’t be recycled and will contaminate the load in the bin lorry.



There may be a reason for your bin not being emptied. Bad weather or a vehicle breakdown might mean we don't get to you at the usual time - if so, there is no need to report it as 'missed' - please leave your bin out and we will empty it as soon as we can get back to your area.

If your bin has not been emptied while others in your street have been - before reporting it as a missed collection, please check that your bin:

  • was presented for collection at 7am on the correct day (check by street)
  • contained waste not permitted in that collection
  • was not too heavy for collection (e.g. contained building rubble or soil), if so please arrange for a special (bulk) uplift
  • was accessible by the crews if you receive an assisted collection

If your bin has been missed please report this to us on 0303 123 1020. We will arrange to have your bin uplifted as part of the next available run and normally within five days.

Other reasons

  • we cannot take extra bags beside a bin. If you can't keep it until your next collection, you can take your excess waste to any of our waste and recycling centres
  • all bins in your street have not been emptied - please leave your bin out and we will work on to complete our routes as quickly as possible
  • newly built house – contact us to make sure your house has been added to a collection route