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Business support grant guidelines

Grant conditions

There are other conditions your business must meet to be considered for a grant or a loan:

  • you must be able show and provide evidence that you need a grant or loan for the project to go ahead
  • you must be able to show and provide evidence that a lack of funding is preventing, delaying or limiting business growth
  • the project must not have already started as this will make it difficult to work out if you need our help. A project appraisal must have been completed by the South Lanarkshire Business Development Team and a formal offer made before you commit to start the project

The Business Support Fund will not fund projects on its own - the maximum grant will be 50% of the total eligible project cost, up to the maximum funding level for each element of expenditure.

Most of the funding for the project should be met by you or come from other sources in the private sector, for example bank loans. The maximum total public sector funding from different public sector sources (including West of Scotland Loan Fund) is 50%.

The Business Support Fund cannot be used to provide working capital. Anything started before you receive an offer letter won't be eligible for support.

Grant funding is paid retrospectively and only after full evidence of payment has been provided in accordance with terms of the offer letter.

A limit on the duration of any support will be placed on any offer we make. You will have 8 weeks from the date of any offer letter to complete the project and claim the award unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Implementation of the identified requirements may be carried out by any suitably qualified organisation but it is your responsibility to draw up an appropriate contract with them.

When applying you must give us details of the full cost of the project including any other financial help awarded.

We will withhold payment if any guideline is not complied with (unless you have a written dispensation) or if any information is provided which is misleading or incorrect, or if any information required is not fully provided with copies of the appropriate source documentation.

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