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Accessing financial help

Training grant

You can apply for a grant if your business could grow with the help of some training. Examples could be training that is non-statutory and not core to the business such as quality or e-commerce related, or other training that will improve skills within the business.

We encourage applications which will introduce new and, or improved products, processes or services into the business and assist growth into new markets.

To be considered for support, businesses must be able to clearly demonstrate results from the project and how the project will directly increase jobs, turnover and profitability.

The maximum grant award for any application is up to £2,000 or 50% of the training fees whichever is the lower amount. Training which is supported under the Flexible training opportunities funding should not be applied for within this application.

After receiving an award letter, you will pay the full cost of the training before receiving any grant support. The VAT element is not eligible for grant assistance. You must be able to show how the training will improve skills for the business. You will have 8 weeks from the date of any grant offer from us to complete and claim the award unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All distance learning projects will be subject to a reasonable time scale from the time of approval.

The grant won't support:

  • Training required by legislation or legislative compliance, or core to the business operations
  • Training required to maintain professional qualifications, accreditations or standards, including CPD compliance
  • Exam fees, travelling and subsidence costs will not be supported.

It is the your responsibility to draw up an appropriate contract with the trainer.

Personal details of each participating trainee, including home address and National Insurance number will be required.  Before grant claims can be settled, records of trainee and management/supervisory time spent on the training needs to be provided at the end of the training period.

Grant support will be paid after each individual trainee achieves the identified qualification or completes the course as agreed at approval. A percentage of the training grant may be deducted if all trainees do not achieve the stated qualifications. Failure to notify of changes to numbers of participants or changes of personnel participating in the programme may result in the withdrawal of the award.

Eligibility is at the discretion of the Council.


  • at least one quote. (At the discretion of South Lanarkshire Business Development, where appropriate, companies may be required to supply competitive quotes from two training organisations)
  • latest statutory accounts to demonstrate financial need
  • recent management accounts (within three months of application date) to demonstrate financial need
  • signed trainee details for each trainee
  • signed trainer declaration confirming quote details

Before enquiring please read the business support grant guidelines.