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You said, we did

Universal Connections – Youth Centre

What you said

A customer had called, on a number of occasions, the local Universal Connections Youth Centre to find out more information about a trip for their child. The phone was answered by a young person attending the centre and after they had asked a few questions the phone was hung up. 

What we did

We provided an explanation to the customer that young people attending the facility were being supported to develop their confidence and self esteem as part of their volunteering activities and that this involved handling customer enquiries. We apologised and acknowledged that the customer’s experience had not been up to the standards expected and provided details of how staff are being trained to better support young people when undertaking such activities.

How we expect our service to get better

As a result of the action taken, we expect to see a reduction in the number of complaints of a similar nature and to improve outcomes for young people who are undertaking volunteering by developing their  communication and customer service skills.