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Budget savings proposals

As tough economic conditions continue, the whole of the public sector is affected by budget restrictions.

South Lanarkshire Council, which is responsible for the delivery of a vast range of your local services, is no exception and we can expect a significant reduction in the grant we receive from the Scottish Government. We will need to find as much as £22.461 million in savings in the next financial year.

A package of proposals to meet that target has been prepared and the Executive Committee has decided to continue discussions which will allow us to consult with you.

Over the last few years the council has been forced to save more than £120m. We have always tried to protect the key frontline services that you rely on, and we will continue to do that but any savings we make in the future may affect them.

Although the Scotland-wide freeze has ended the Council Leader has said he will not raise council tax for 2017/18.

Council officers have developed a set of savings proposals and although these are not final decisions we are required by law to balance our budget. Councillors will ultimately have to make those tough decisions, but they would like to hear your views and suggestions too.

The total savings needed for 2017/18 has been based on an assumption that the government grant will fall by 1.6%. More savings will have to be found if this figure is higher. We will find out what the grant is in mid-December.

For full details of the savings proposals see the Executive Committee savings proposals papers.

Suggestions and comments should be emailed to or posted to: Savings Consultation, South Lanarkshire Council, Almada Street, Hamilton ML3 0AA.