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Development plans

Minerals local development plan 2012

The Minerals Local Development Plan (MLDP) sets out the Council's strategy and principles for future mineral development. The approach taken in the plan will ensure that communities and environments are protected whilst a continued supply of minerals is available. The minerals supply will support sustainable economic growth and employment in South Lanarkshire and the wider area. The MLDP forms part of the Development Plan for South Lanarkshire.

The MLDP consists of a written statement and two maps:

The Council is required to keep local development plans under review and publish a monitoring statement from time to time. The following monitoring statement relates to the MLDP:

We do not intend to replace the Minerals Local Development Plan but will incorporate it into the new Local Development Plan 2. Because of timing issues we have produced Non-Statutory Planning Guidance on Minerals, Deposits and Operational Sites Map and an Environmental constraints Map to cover the time period between the end of the Minerals LDP (June 2017) and the production of LDP2 (winter 2017).