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Council tax - discounts, exemptions and disabled persons reduction

Council tax discounts

Single person discount is available if you live alone or you are the only adult in the property. It will reduce your council tax bill by 25%. There are also certain categories of people who are disregarded when calculating a discount, and so if there is another adult living in the property with you who falls into one of the following categories, you may still be entitled to a discount:

Empty properties discount

There are several reasons listed below for a property not being occupied.  They have different levels of discount applied to them depending on the reason for them being empty.  

If a property is 'unoccupied and unfurnished' you may be entitled to, up to six months exemption where you pay no council tax followed by 50% discount for up to a further six months, if a property continues to be unoccupied and unfurnished.

Unoccupied property discount may be available if a property is furnished but no one is living in it.  This will reduce your council tax bill by 10%. To apply you should use the Second home online form.

Second home discount may be available if you live in the property only from time to time, but your main residence is elsewhere. It may result in your council tax bill being reduced by 10%.

If you need to live elsewhere in accommodation tied to your job, you may qualify for a 50% reduction. You can use our online application form to apply for this reduction.

Discount or exemption for non-British spouses of students

If a full time student has a non-British husband wife or civil partner who holds a visa, we may be able to grant a discount or exemption, but it depends on the terms of their visa.  To be eligible, the visa must prevent the person from:  

  • taking paid employment in the UK or
  • claiming benefits in the UK

The discount may also apply to dependants and to those who are not married but living together as husband and wife or civil partners.

If a person gets the discount and is the only non-student living at an address where all the other residents are students, an exemption will apply.  This means there will be no Council tax to pay at all.

If you think the discount or exemption applies, please complete the online application form.

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