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Tenancy deposit schemes


From 2 July 2012, all landlords have a legal duty under the tenancy deposit schemes to:  

  • pay tenants' deposits into an approved scheme
  • inform tenants about tenancy and deposit arrangements
  • ensure deposits are held by an approved scheme throughout the tenancy

Landlords/letting agents can choose from the approved schemes listed below:

The Scottish Government Website lists important information relating to key dates, deposits and payments to approved schemes. 


Private landlords must pay all deposits they receive into an approved tenancy deposit scheme during the tenancy period and provide the following details: the amount of the deposit

  • deposit amount
  • date they received the deposit and date they paid it into a scheme
  • rental property address
  • statement confirming they are a registered landlord
  • name and contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme used 
  • terms and conditions confirming where all or part of your deposit can be kept 

When your tenancy ends, your landlord should return your deposit.  The tenancy deposit scheme aims to protect your deposit and stop your landlord withholding it.