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Settlement checking service

The settlement checking service (SCS) is a partnership between the UK Border Agency and South Lanarkshire Council.  

It is by appointment only and is available at Council Headquarters, Almada Street, Hamilton.  

Our staff are trained and registered to check and forward your application to the UK Border Agency. When you attend your appointment, we will check that you have completed your SET(M) form correctly and paid the correct fee. We will then copy your valuable documents, return them to you and forward your application to the UK Border Agency.

We will also make a certified photocopy of your original passports or travel documents and return the originals to you.  

If you are applying with your dependants, their passports or travel documents will also be photocopied and returned.  

If you have a biometric residence permit, this will be sent to the Home Office along with your application and other supporting documents.

Your partner must attend your appointment with you. Their passport or travel document will be checked, copied and returned to them.  

The settlement checking service will help you get your application correct first time to avoid unnecessary delays.