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South Lanarkshire Young Carers Service

What is a young carer?

All our information pages in respect of Carers and caring are undergoing a refresh to capture the new rights carers can benefit from through the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

A young carer is anyone between eight and 18 years old whose life is affected by having to carry out tasks and have some responsibility for another person. This person could be suffering from long term illness, may have a disability, has mental health difficulties or has substance misuse issues. They could be a parent, a grandparent, sibling or a close member of the family.

For some young carers this means they don't get out much; they may not be able to spend much time with friends or have the chance to form new relationships with others.

Some young carers don't feel they can tell anyone about their situation because they are afraid of being treated differently. And others feel they do not have anyone they can talk to about their situation.

Sometimes they may miss school because they are a bit scared to leave the person they care for alone.

And some young carers feel that what they do is just part of their day to day routine and don't realise that they are a Young Carer - perhaps because its just something they have always done.

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