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Corporate Parenting

Core Commitments


Core Commitment 1                             

Corporate Parents will fulfil their responsibilities, listen and respond to the voices of children and families/carers   

  • We can only be confident that our services are as effective as they can be when they are shaped by the voices of the children, young people and care leavers
  • We will ensure that all corporate parents understand their responsibilities and fulfil these through planning, practice and resource allocation                                                                                                                                
Core Commitment 2

Every child will have a Child's Plan which will be regularly reviewed within agreed timescales

  • We will work together to achieve the best outcomes for each child through responsive, consistent and high quality assessment, planning and review
Core Commitment 3

Clear pathways and support will be provided through all key transition stages

  • We are committed to ensuring that all transitions from birth to young adulthood will be well planned and children and care leavers will experience safe, secure and stable placements, with as few moves as possible
Core Commitment 4

Children and young people will be supported to improve their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing

  • We are committed to improving health outcomes and reducing the inequality gap
Core Commitment 5

All children will be treated fairly, have equality of opportunity and have a sense of belonging in their learning environment

  • We are committed to improving educational outcomes and reducing the inequality gap
Core Commitment 6

Young people moving into adulthood will be supported to achieve their full potential

  • We are committed to ensuring that young people are supported in terms of health, housing, education, training, employment, relationships and the best lifelong chances


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