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Blue Badge scheme

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a new or renewal Blue Badge?

You must apply online. This is the only method accepted by the council. The Applications and renewals page gives you all the information you will need. Anyone can apply for you at any time of the day or night. Ask a friend or relative to help you. You can upload your proof at the same time which will help us process your application as quickly as possible.

If you need help with your application, you can contact us by email or by using the contact details shown on this page.

If you need to send your proof to us you can post or email it using the contact details shown on this page.

If you already have a Blue Badge, a reminder letter will be issued to you 6 weeks before your expiry date.

Can I apply for a temporary Blue Badge?

Yes, a temporary badge can be issued where an applicant has a short term disability e.g. awaiting or following surgery for a hip or knee replacement. You can apply online on our Applications and renewals page.

Can I use my expired Blue Badge?

No - Only valid Blue Badges can be displayed.

I have changed my car, do I need to advise you?

No - Your badge is for yourself and can be used in any car as long as you are the driver or passenger. You only need to tell us about changes to your name, address or contact details using our Changes to name, address or car page.

My name, address or contact details have changed. Do I need to advise you?

Yes you should advise us of changes as soon as possible so that we can keep your record accurate and up to date.

If you change address the form will ask you for the name of the Local Authority (council) who issued your badge. If you are moving from South Lanarkshire to a different council area we will get your notification and arrange for your details to be transferred to your new council. 

If you are moving to South Lanarkshire Council from another council area, please contact that council directly for further advice on how they will transfer your records to us.

You can tell us about changes quickly and easily on our Changes to name, address or car page.

Have you received my payment?

If you made your payment online you will have a receipt number. This means that your payment has been successful and we will transfer it automatically to your application.

If you did not pay online and want to check your payment then you will need to call us.

I applied for a Blue Badge 4 weeks ago and have had no response

Applications will be processed within 14 working days of us receiving your proof and payment. If you do not automatically qualify your application may have been passed to Social Work to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist. This process takes longer and there are no specific timescales provided.    

When you apply for a Blue Badge online you get a ‘tracking reference number’. If you have this reference then you can use our Check the progress of your application page. The ‘tracking reference number’ is case sensitive and you must input it exactly as it appeared when you applied.  

The ‘tracking’ system will show you one of the following:

  • Received by Local Authority – this means we have received and are processing your application. This includes applications which have been sent to our Social Work department for assessment.
  • Sent for printing – this means that your application has been successful and has been sent to an external company for them to print your badge. It should be with you within the next week.
  • Issued by Local Authority – this means that your badge has been posted out via 2nd class post. It will show the date of posting and you should receive it within a few days.

I have lost my Blue Badge/my Blue Badge has been stolen – what should I do?

You will need to report this online using our Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge page.

My current badge is damaged - can I get a replacement?

You can get a replacement. You don’t need to complete a new form but there will be a charge of £20. You will need to call us to request a replacement badge.

Blue Badge enquiries

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PO Box 3594
G73 9EG
Phone: 0303 123 1007
Email: Blue Badge enquiries