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Lock-ups and garages

Availability - Blantyre, Bothwell and Uddingston

Sometimes we have lock-ups available and no waiting list for them. Check the list below for current availability and apply for any of these using the application at the bottom of the page.


Burnbrae Area -

  • 12 Moorfield Road
  • 15L Moorfield Road
  • 19L Moorfield Road
  • 303L Moorfield Road
  • 305L Moorfield Road
  • 306L Moorfield Road
  • 307L Moorfield Road
  • 309L Moorfield Road
  • 23L Jedburgh Street
  • 25L Jedburgh Street
  • 26L Jedburgh Street
  • 28L Jedburgh Street
  • 210L Jedburgh Street
  • 213L Jedburgh Street
  • 214L Jedburgh Street
  • 216L Jedburgh Street
  • 401L Jedburgh Street
  • 402L Jedburgh Street
  • 403L Jedburgh Street
  • 149L Cheviot Street
  • 62L Winton Crescent
  • 374L Winton Crescent
  • 378L Winton Crescent
  • 379L Winton Crescent
  • 8L Mossbank
  • 5L Stewart Avenue

Industrial Estate -

  • 1L Strathyre Road
  • 2L Strathyre Road
  • 3L Strathyre Road
  • 3L Fortinghall Road
  • 1L Ballantrae Road
  • 4L Ballantrae Road
  • 5L Ballantrae Road
  • 6L Ballantrae Road
  • 12L Ballantrae Road


  • 126L Windyridge Place

Old Kirkton -

  • 6L Kirkton Avenue

Priestfield -

  • 1L Sutherland Street
  • 2L Sutherland Street
  • 6L Sutherland Street
  • 8L Sutherland Street
  • 10L Sutherland Street

Station Road -

  • 13L Birkenbrae Road

Stonefield -

  • 854L Camelon Crescent


Kirklands -

  • 12L Burleigh Road
  • 31L Burleigh Road
  • 32L Burleigh Road
  • 37L Burleigh Road
  • 201L Burleigh Road
  • 203L Burleigh Road
  • 206L Burleigh Road
  • 163L Hillcrest Terrace
  • 166L Hillcrest Terrace
  • 168L Hillcrest Terrace
  • 282L Marguerite Gardens

Knockburnie -

  • 511L Appledore Crescent
  • 512L Appledore Crescent
  • 3L Knockburnie Road
  • 12L Belstane Place
  • 13L Belstane Place
  • 111L Belstane Place
  • 19L Belstane Place
  • 112L Belstane Place
  • 121L Bracken Terrace
  • 122L Bracken Terrace
  • 127L Bracken Terrace
  • 128L Bracken Terrace


Knowhead -

  • 13L Easter Avenue
  • 15L Easter Avenue
  • 16L Easter Avenue
  • 231L Ferry Road
  • 313L Ferry Road

New Woodlands

  • 22L Ailsa Drive
  • 23L Ailsa Drive

However, not all the available lock-ups are listed here, so it's still worth applying using our online form or by contacting your local housing office.

This information is updated regularly, however we cannot be held responsible for any changes in availability between review dates.