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You've bin tagged

If you get a yellow tag on your blue bin handle it means that there were items in there that shouldn't be. More information

Driver fatigue

Plan your journey...

 ...and avoid sleepiness

How long is your journey? Build in time for rest breaks and unexpected delays.

Before you set out:

  • plan where to stop for regular rest breaks. Include a break of at least 15 minutes within every two hours of driving time
  • think about breaking your journey with an overnight stop. If you are catching an early flight or returning from abroad - make it part of your holiday
  • if possible, share the driving with a second driver
  • sleep well. Don't stay up late or reduce your normal sleep before a long journey

Try not to make long trips between 2am and 6am and 2pm and 4pm when natural alertness is low.

Remember alcohol stays in the body for several hours and will make you sleepier. So avoid even one drink.

Also, if you are taking any medication, check whether it causes drowsiness. If it does, ask your doctor or pharmacist for an alternative.

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