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Winter awareness

Preparations already in place

Our preparations:

  • Salt - We've increased our salt stocks to 39,000 tonnes. A few years ago we held only 8,000 tonnes ahead of winter, but the national salt shortages have shown that all councils have to be better prepared
  • Our priorities - 52% of the total network will be gritted - mainly our most important routes including all A-class roads. This is well above average for a Scottish local authority. Typically Councils grit 47% of their networks, so we do a lot more than many
  • We can call on our fleet of 56 gritters, 43 snowploughs, one snowblower, 24 tractors and six loaders. Our road workers (over 200 of them) use these to salt the roads, clear snow and keep road and footpaths maintained by us in a safe condition as far as practicable
  • The council website - contains full details of our winter maintenance policy and procedures including main gritting routes and grit bin locations
  • Follow us on Twitter @SLCRoads for roads and weather updates

For more information check out:

You can also watch our Head of Roads Gordon MacKay explaining the council's preparations on our Ready for Winter film.

Councillor Chris Thompson, the chair of the council's Enterprise Resources Committee, said: "Each year as a council we ensure we are as prepared as possible for the winter weather.

"But the message we always reinforce is that there may be occasions when the force of Mother Nature is far more powerful than anything we have at our disposal.

"Weather conditions can change dramatically in just a few minutes in this country, bringing with them particular challenges to everyone.

"Once again we are calling on people in communities across South Lanarkshire to help themselves as much as possible - as well as being good neighbours to those who may need a bit of extra help."