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Winter awareness

Winter driving

Snow and ice

  • Clear your vehicle of any snow on the roof and make sure all your windows are de-iced
  • Assume roads have not been gritted - ice can still form even when they have been
  • Drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions
  • Look out for black ice, particularly isolated patches
  • Manoeuvre gently and avoid harsh steering, braking and acceleration
  • Watch out for gritters and stay well clear of them - don't overtake


  • Use dipped headlights and your fog lights
  • Don't speed up if visibility suddenly improves - you may soon be in another fog patch

High winds

  • Be aware that high sided vehicles will have particular difficulties
  • Watch out for severe gusts if you suddenly reach an exposed section of road, for example on a bridge, or if you pass a high sided vehicle

Heavy rain

  • Watch out for water ponding on the carriageway
  • If your vehicles loses grip, or begins to aquaplane, take your foot off the accelerator to slow down

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