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Weather updates

All schools expected to open and transport as usual Friday 19 Jan. Any updates will be posted on website and social media

Winter awareness

Are you ready for winter?

If you have a vehicle make sure it is well prepared before winter weather sets in:

  • make sure it has been serviced recently
  • check your tyres are correctly inflated and have plenty of grip
  • decide if you need to fit winter tyres - these give much better grip
  • make sure you have enough antifreeze in your radiator
  • check all your lights are working
  • replace your battery if it's not reliable
  • if you are walking on pavements or are waiting for public transport make sure you have warm clothing and footwear with good grip.

Consider putting a basic emergency kit in your vehicle. This may include:

  • an ice scraper and de-icer
  • a torch and some spare batteries
  • a shovel
  • a small bag of salt
  • boots
  • a first aid kit
  • jump leads
  • a local road map in case you need to find an alternative route
  • warm clothes and blankets

Do you have a snow shovel? Footpaths in residential areas will generally not be gritted by us so you can help by clearing your own footpath and helping less able neighbours.

You can find out more about gritting by watching a YouTube film Out on the road in winter with one of our gritter drivers Stephen McCourt. 

Top tips when snow arrives

Shovel snow using as large a blade as possible. Making a line down the middle of your path and shovelling the snow to either side can also make things easier.

Use ordinary table salt on your path to stop ice forming. Remember, salt in grit bins should only be used for roads or public footpaths and not on private property.

Let the sun melt the ice after you've shovelled off the snow. This will only work if daytime temperatures are well above freezing.

Councillor Chris Thompson, the chair of the council’s Enterprise Resources Committee, said: "Although conditions may be fine when you set off, it’s extremely important that drivers are aware how rapidly things can change.

"They should take note of our tips and prepare their car for the worst of the winter weather.

"It's also important that drivers carry the appropriate equipment in case of severe weather."