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Road closures

Follow us on Twitter @SLCRoads for notifications of our road closures and all emergency closures. For more information contact your local Roads Office.

Current and upcoming closures


Millburn Road closed between Ashgillhead Road/Milburn Gate and A72 Lanark Road from Tuesday 25 September to Thursday 27 September for drainage works. Alternative route via A71 Cornsilloch Brae and A72 Lanark Road.


Meadowhead Highway closed between Meadowhead Farm access and Cladence Highway from Friday 13 April 2018 to Monday 12 October 2020 for road safety reasons. Diversion via Cladence Highway, Millwell Road and Ardochrig Road.

Auldhouse Road closed between Bent Hall Farm and Langlands Road from 9am to 5pm daily from Monday 15 October to Wednesday 17 October for tree cutting on behalf of British Telecom. Alternative route via Greenhills Road, A726 Strathaven Road, Thorn Highway, Millwell Road, Cleughearn Road and vice versa.


Belvior Place is closed from its junction with Cowan Wilson Avenue and its termination from 9.30am on Tuesday 6 November to 11.59pm on Saturday 10 November to allow sewer repairs to be carried out. There is no alternative route.


Station Road is closed between B7071 Uddingston Road and Blantyre Mill Road from 0.01am Monday 17 September to 11.59pm Friday 21 September for carriageway resurfacing. Alternative route via B7071 Uddingston Road, Main Street and Blantyre Mill Road.


B759 Greenlees Road closed between A749 Glasgow Road and East Greenlees Road from 8am Tuesday 25 September to 11.59pm Tuesday 2 October for carriageway surfacing works by Tough Construction.


A73 Stewart Street, Carluke closed between junction with A721 Glamis Avenue and junction with Clyde Street from 10.30am to 12pm on Wednesday 31 October for a commemorative military ceremony. Alternative route via A721, John Street, James Street and vice versa, or Clyde Street, Luggie Road, A73 and vice versa.


Bankhead Road/Spittal Road closed between B7016 Biggar Road and A721 near Kaimend from Monday 24 September to Friday 12 October for Scottish Water works. Alternative route via B7016, A70 and A721.


Sections of A70 Lanark Road closed from 7am Tuesday 25 September for up to 2 weeks:

  • Phase 1 - Village Gateway to Village Green
  • Phase 2 - Village Green to Columbie Junction

Alternative route via A721, A706, A73 and A743.

Carstairs Junction

Temporary closure order of Clyde Bridge on C29 to Pettinain (emergency closure from Thursday 30 August) has had to be extended for up to 18 months for public safety due to condition of the bridge. Diversion signed - C29 Pettinain Road, C30 Strawfrank Road, A70, Hyndford Bridge, A73, C27, C29.All options now being considered to re-establish a crossing point if possible to do so and in the quickest possible time. We are investigating these options as a matter of urgency. Please be assured we will keep local residents advised as the above work is progressed.

Douglas Water

Ponfeigh Bailey Bridge on Ponfeigh Road “Prohibition of Entry” Order (implemented on 9 October 2017). The existing bridge is beyond repair - we are currently reviewing available options to allow the road to be reopened.

East Kilbride

Kittochside/Glen Road closures from 7am Friday 14 September to 7pm Thursday 20 September:

  • Kittochside Road closed between entrance to Kittochside Farm to Carmunnock Road
  • Glen Road closed between Philipshill Road and Kittochside Road

Alternative route via Waterside Road, Waterbank Road, Westerfield Road, East Kilbride Road, Queensway, West Mains Road, East Mains Road, Markethill Road and Cairnmuir Highway.

Elphinstone Crescent is closed between No 125 and Wardlaw Crescent from 12pm to 6pm Wednesday 24 October for Scottish Water manhole repair. Alternative route via Bruce Terrace, Elphinstone Crescent and Kelvin Drive.

Kendal Road closed between No's 23 and 29 from 9.30am to 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 October for Scottish Water manhole repair. Alternative route via Keswick Road, Kirkstone Close and Newlandsmuir Road.

Hazelhead closed between Robertson Drive and Glen Cally from 7.30am Thursday 4 October to 7pm Friday 5 October for carriageway resurfacing. Alternative route via Roberston Drive, Angus Avenue, Calderwood Road, St Leonards Road and Glen Cally.

Law Place closed between Markethill Road and Cairn Court from 8.30am Monday 8 October to 7pm Sunday 21 October for developer sewer connection works. Alternative route via Markethill Road, East Mains Road and Mavor Avenue.


Alston Street is closed between Glassford Primary School and North Lodge from Saturday 13 October to Sunday 21 October to allow drainage and street lighting works associated with the new housing development. Alternative route is via Alston Street, Muirburn Road, Hunterlees Road, Jackson Street, Alston Street and vice versa.


Castle Street and part of Palace Grounds Road (Muir Street to ASDA entrance) in Hamilton closed from 9am to 2pm on Saturday 22 September for the HamilTEN 10K run. Alternative route for vehicles:

  • Heading west - Blackswell Lane, Low Patrick Street, Duke Street, Brandon Street, Union Street, Almada Street and Muir Street
  • Heading east - Almada Street , Union Street, Auchincampbell Road, Kemp Street, Quarry Street, Duke Street, Low Patrick Street and Blackswell Lane

Avonbrae Crescent is closed between Chatelherault Crescent and 33 Avonbrae Crescent for TV filming on the following dates. Alternative route via Silvertonhill Crescent and Chatelherault Crescent.

  • Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 September from 12 noon to 7pm
  • Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September from 12 noon to 11pm
  • Friday 28 September from 11am to 10pm

Highstonehall Road closed between Stewart Avenue and Muttonhole Road from 9.30am Monday 13 August to 6pm Sunday 7 October. Diversion route via Sherry Drive, Woodfoot Road, Wellhall Road, Earnock Road, Newhousemill Road and Muttonhole Road.

Sherry Drive is closed between Woodfoot Road and Stewart Avenue  from 0.01am Saturday 13 October to 11.59pm Sunday 21 October for carriageway resurfacing operations.  Alternative route is Woodfoot Road, Neilsland Drive, Meikle Earnock Road and Stewart Avenue. Local access will be maintained where possible.

Bothwell Street is closed from 8am Wednesday 7 November to 5pm Sunday 11 November for sewer repairs.

Avonbrae Crescent closed between Chatelherault Crescent and 33 Avonbrae Crescent from 12pm midday on the following dates to:

  • 7pm on Monday 24 September
  • 5pm on Tuesday 25 September
  • 6pm on Wednesday 26 September
  • 11pm on Thursday 27 September
  • 10pm on Friday 28 September

Alternative route via Silvertonhill Avenue and Chatelherault Crescent.


3T weight restriction, 1.9m width restriction along Mousehill Road from Mouse Mill to Sunnyside Lodge from Thursday 20 September for 21 days. Diversion - south via A72 to Steels Cross, turn left ontoA73 Glasgow Road, turn left onto Sunnyside Road to end - north proceed vice versa


A706 Lanark to Forth, Cleghorn closed at its junctions with Hagholm Road and Cleghorn Dykes Road from 10pm on Saturday 3 to 8am on Sunday 4 November for Network Rail repairs at the Level Crossing. Diversion via A706, A721, A70, A743 and vice versa.


Manse Brae closed between Netherburn Road and A72 Lanark Road from Monday 15 October to Sunday 25 November to allow Scottish Water to carry out mains replacement works. This will be a rolling closure with local access maintained.


A73 Roberton from roundabout at A702 and junction of B7055 is closed from 7am Monday 8 October for up to 2 weeks for carriageway surfacing works. Alternative routes via A702, B7078, A70 and A73.


Spital Road closed between Union Street at Tileworks Park and Tanhill Road (Spital House to Tanhill Farm) from Monday 15 to Friday 19 October for Scottish Water works. Diversion via Union Street, New Street, Lockhart Street, Ayr Road (A71) Canderside Toll, Carlisle Road (B7078) and Tanhill Road.

Manse Road is closed between Gibb Court and Glebe Cemetery from 9.30am to 1pm on Friday 5 October, Friday 9 November and on Friday 7 December to allow a bridge inspection. Local diversion is Manse Road, Vicars Road, Townhead Street and Strathaven Road.

Strathaven Road (service road) closed between Udston Mill Road and junction of service road from Monday 8 October to Friday 12 October for Scottish Water mains replacement works on Udston Mill Road. Diversion via A71 Strathaven Road, Violet Crescent, Strathaven Road, Sutherland Crescent, Marleyhill Avenue and Udston Mill Road.

Road closures from Monday 15 October to Friday 19 October for Scottish Water mains replacement works. Only one closure will be in place at any one time:

  • Udston Road between Udston Mill Road and Dykehead Road (Diversion via Boag Road, Sandford Road, Sandford Road, A71 Strathaven Road)
  • Udston Mill Road between Muirhead and Udston Road (Diversion via Strathaven Road, Newfield Road, Sidehead Road and Udston Road)

Dykehead Road closed between Udston Road and Boag Road from Monday 22 October to Friday 2 November for Scottish Water mains replacement works.


Colinhill Road closed between Crosshill Avenue and Applegarth Road from Tuesday 25 Friday 28 September for resurfacing. Diversion signed.

Overton Road closed between Commercial Road and Hogan Drive from Monday 15 to Sunday 21 October for resurfacing. Ashkirk Road, Viewmount Crescent, Woodhill Road, Glasgow Road, Commercial Road and vice versa.

B7086 Strathaven to Lesmahagow Road closed between Craig Bridge and St Annes Well from Sunday 21 to Monday 29 October for resurfacing. Diversion via B7086 Strathaven Road, B7078 Carlisle Road, A71 Ayr Road, A71 Stonehouse Bypass, A71 Strathaven Road, A71 Stonehouse Road, A71 Kirk Street, B7086 Station Road, B7086 Lesmahagow Road and vice versa.

B743 Muirkirk Road is closed between High Dykes Farm and Redding Road from Monday 8 October to Friday 12 October for road surfacing works. Alternative route via B743 Muirkirk Road, A70 Muirkirk Road, B743, B7037, A719, A71 Darvel Road, B743 Muirkirk Road and vice versa. Traffic will be diverted via B743 Muirkirk Road, A70 Muirkirk Road, B743, B7037, A719, A71 Darvel Road, B743 Muirkirk Road and vice versa.

A726 Glasgow Road is closed between Coldstream Highway and No 134 Glasgow Road from 0.01am Saturday 13 October to 11.59pm Tuesday 23 October. Access to Overton Avenue will be maintained at all times from one direction. Traffic will be diverted via A723 to Hamilton, A72/A74 to Burnbank, High Blantyre Road, Main Street, A725 East Kilbride Expressway/Kingsway, A726 to Strathaven and vice versa. This is to allow road surfacing works and the installation of sewers associated with the East Overton Housing development.


Lower Millgate closed between Towie Place and its junction with Old Mill Lane from 9.30 Monday 29 October to 6pm Tuesday 30 October for resurfacing works. Alternative route via B7071 Main Street, B7071 Glasgow Road, A721 New Edinburgh Road and Old Mill Road.


Millrig Road is closed from A73 junction to 16 Millrig Road from 9am Monday 1 October to 5pm Friday 5 October for Scottish Water carriageway reinstatement works. Alternative route via A73, B7055, Millrig Road.

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