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BT payphone removal – final decisions

Published Monday, 05 December 2016

red phone box - BT

We have recently completed a two-stage public consultation on proposals by BT to remove a number of payphones in our area.

This is part of a Scotland-wide removal programme by BT, based on significant reductions in the use of payphones.

The first stage of consultation asked for the public’s views on the proposed payphone removal - it ended on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

Following consideration of the comments received, the council made draft decisions on whether to agree or object to the proposed removal of each payphone, together with our reasons why.

The second stage of consultation involved publishing these draft decisions (called the ‘First Notification’) and asking the public for further comments on these. This second stage of consultation ended on Thursday 1 December 2016.

We have taken account of all additional comments received and have made our final decisions on BT’s proposed payphone removals.

For the full list of the payphones and our decisions please download the Final Notification and schedule document.

Under Ofcom regulations, we have sent our final decisions to BT and to the Secretary of State for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Where the council is objecting to the removal of any particular payphone, there is an appeal system available to BT. Any appeal would be considered by the Competition Appeals Tribunal.