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Have a green Christmas

Published Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas baubles

Christmas and New Year is a time of fun and festivities and our bins are usually bulging by the time the celebrations are over.

Why not use some of these tips to reduce your waste and save some money too:

  • Know what you can recycle. Have a look at our What you can recycle and how page to see what you can recycle in South Lanarkshire
  • Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags. Try using tissue paper or non-glossy papers and use as little tape as possible so it can easily be reused or recycled. Gifts bags are easily reused
  • Freecycle – swap, sell or donate unwanted gifts so that someone else can make use of things that you don’t need/want
  • Buy rechargeable batteries and properly dispose of old ones. Our recycling centres and most electrical retailers will accept old batteries
  • Get creative with Christmas cards – reuse cards from previous years to make new ones or gift tags. Send e-cards instead
  • If you are buying a real tree make sure its sourced from a sustainable grower. You could buy a tree in a pot to use for 2-3 years
  • Plan meals and reduce food waste. Rather than doing a huge food shop, work out what you need and buy only that. Try to avoid multi-buy offers if you’re not sure you can use them all
  • Use your leftovers . Store leftovers properly so you can easily reheat for the days ahead or use the BBC Good Food leftovers guide
  • Bring your own bag. The 5p carrier bag charge introduced last year has greatly reduced the use of carrier bags but you’ll find the reusable bags are more sturdy and have much better handles
  • Dispose of real trees as garden waste. In South Lanarkshire tied trees will be uplifted as garden waste and used to make compost
  • Give living or experience gifts. Rather than buying products produced and transported using raw materials you can spend less by giving gifts that are personal and unique which won’t ultimately end up as landfill
  • Be kind to your Christmas decorations. If you look after this year’s decorations you won’t produce waste and won’t have to buy more next year