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Communities to have say on new development plan

Published Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A further period of public consultation on the proposed new South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan (SLLDP2) has been approved

A further period of public consultation on the proposed new South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan (SLLDP2) has been approved.

Between March and May 2017 local communities will get the chance to view and comment on the Main Issues Report (MIR) – the first published document in the process of preparing the new plan.

Its contents have been created following a review of the existing SLLDP, as well as a series of consultation events held between April and November 2016.

These included meetings with external stakeholders, workshops with community councils and events involving young people and Seniors Together.

Planning officers also set up a stand in shopping centres and met with the SL Access Panel and Disability Partnership.

The process was outlined to members of South Lanarkshire’s Planning Committee this morning (Tuesday 21 February 2017), whose chair, Councillor Hugh Dunsmuir, said: “The Main Issues Report is not a draft version of the new Plan and no decisions will be made at this stage of the process. We are merely setting out options for dealing with the main issues it outlines and how they might be handled in the SLLDP2, identifying, for example, where it may be appropriate for the council to change or review policies.

“Essentially the main purpose of the MIR is to allow early comment from interested parties on how the council could address the key matters that have been identified through consultation.”

The current Local Development Plan and associated statutory supplementary guidance was adopted in June 2015 and has formed the basis of the council’s decisions relating to new development proposals throughout the area since.

It currently sits alongside the Minerals Local Development Plan which councillors agreed last year should now be amalgamated with SLLDP2 during the current process. With this in mind, the council is seeking views on key minerals policy matters alongside the MIR.

Following committee approval this morning, the MIR will now be published and made available for public comment between March and May 2017. It will be accompanied by a series of technical reports and assessments that can also be viewed.

Documents will also be available on our development plans pages and at libraries and Q and A offices. Comments should be made online via our consultation portal between Thursday 16 March and Friday 12 May 2017.

It is anticipated that the final draft plan will be ready for approval and formal adoption by 2019.